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Sitting atop what local residents refer to as College Hill, Eleutherian College stands as a beacon to education and the freedom it provided, especially to free or self-emancipated Blacks in the decade leading up to the Civil War.

The three-story building, constructed in 1854 with locally quarried rough-cut limestone, includes a first-floor chapel with six two-story windows, and classrooms on the second and third floors.

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Storms damage trees at HEC properties


We received numerous donations, one was for $2,000, to cover the costs of cleaning up the properties after the June thunderstorms! The HEC Board of Directors wishes to thank everyone who helped out; we are humbled and extremely grateful for the support we receive from people in Jefferson County, throughout the State of Indiana, and elsewhere. We really couldn’t do this without you.


Severe thunderstorms at the end of June downed trees and left many homes in the Lancaster and Dupont areas of Jefferson County, Indiana, without power for hours and in some cases days.
Many large trees and branches fell on properties owned by Historic Eleutherian College Inc., board President Jan Vetrhus said Tuesday. Vetrhus and other board members toured the properties at the College, the Hoyt House, and College Hill Cemetery, just north of the college building.

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Founder Thomas Craven

Eleutherian College likely would not have existed if not for the perseverance of a Baptist minister from Oxford, Ohio. Elder Thomas Craven, born 19 March 1792 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania,...
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Fall Gathering — October 21, 2023

Don’t miss the Historic Eleutherian College’s Fall Gathering. Join us on October 21 for a day filled with music and history. See you there!..
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Storms damage trees, but not buildings

UPDATE! We received numerous donations (one single donation was for $2,000!) to cover the costs of cleaning up the properties after the June thunderstorms! The HEC Board of Directors...
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