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Recent tours- 6/10/2019
We’ve had some interesting visitors at HEC this spring!    it’s always a pleasure to meet people who take the time to call and schedule a tour.  

People like Gabriel from New Jersey who rented a car and made plans to stop for a tour, between visits to Evansville and Bloomington.    His Quaker ancestors sparked an interest in the Underground Railroad and the Abolitionists.    He appreciated the opportunity to experience the place - rather than just read about it.

People like Alana’s relatives who were visiting Madison and wanted to see the highlights of Jefferson County’s history.     As she said, no other National Historic Landmark in the county has such a powerful message.

Or Danielle from Oxford, Ohio who’s doing research on the Weir family and discovered the connection with Eleutherian College.  Her township had five abolitionist Baptist churches!   We are looking forward to hearing more about this family at our Fall Gathering, October 5th.   

Public tours are scheduled this summer, 10 am to 4 pm, June 22, July 27, August 24.   Tours can also be arranged by appointment - contact us through FACEBOOK or 812-866-7129